It never rains …

… and I have just got back to my web-based sprinkler to find, with writing papers for conferences and work deadlines, my google api tokens were dodgy.   The reasons are clearly explained in the api documents.

So I deleted the credentials and created a new set.  All working fine again.


I can get the json response from the calendar on the debug window.

I put a json function in to turn it into a jsp object.  The output should be stringified and displayed in the debug panel but nothing appears.

I have two separate flows, one for start of the event and one for the end.  If I put a json function on the start, neither of the start or end events are displayed.

What’s worse, taking out the json function and going back to a straight through flow also no longer works.

Not getting the token expiration warning so it isn’t that problem anymore.

To get it going again, with the json function included, I needed to stop and then restart the node-red server.


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