Microsoft are so lame.

Go figure, I bit the bullet and decided to play with MRPT.  The straightforward approach was to run it on my PC so, yes, yet another version of Visual Studio (2013 this time).  It is always with great trepidation I grab yet-another-version of VS as MS seemed not to manage the interaction between licencing between versions.  I have had problems due simply to installing two different versions of the toolset.  The problem was amplified because CMAKE is being used. So, if I mention CMAKE in the help room, when discussing the context in which the error is raised, some dopey MS/VS guru will dump on you for using OPENSOURCE software (CMAKE) even though you’re using the FREE version of VS.

In any event.

Stung again somewhat.

Install taking a stupid long time.


Its installing all the components I told it not to in the original panels of the wizard.

Why on earth do I want the Windows 8 for phones SDK?


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