Quality Control

So, I decided to put a dispute into Aliexpress to get half my $5 back on the lens I ordered.

No markings so you can’t easily tell what focal length it is supposed to be.  Go figure, I pinged the vendor and asked how they know what lens to send if there are no markings and they “apologized” as they couldn’t tell me what focal length it was.

On principle then I will try to get half my money back, which is likely less than the transaction fees on VISA card but will make the vendor think about their quality control – I hope.

Go figure, in the end I found a couple of 2.8mm f/l lens that are marked and decided I can play with the one I have and get an even tighter f/l in which (again) increases the maximum velocity over the ground the sensor can be used for BUT IMPORTANTLY that means I can trade that off and get the sensor closer to the ground for use on my rock crawler.  The 3.6mm “imposter” does bring the sensor height down but it also has a 90 degree field of view which constricts it somewhat.  Any hint of motion in the field of view goes towards the odometry doesn’t it!

The options I had were 100 degree and 110 degree field of view.  I opted for the 2.8mm f/l 110 degree to get more image crammed in.


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