Stereo slam drunkity dunk

Ah well, so some tricks when using the disparity functions for generating stereo depth.  The frame from each camera needs to be converted from color to grayscale.


I have a suspicion the output is knobbled because I may need do something about calibrating this stereo pair first.  There are also processing bin sizes I can play with.  However, this is an “interesting” way of getting stereo depth but I am just buzzing out the setup using Python, OpenCV and the new camera.

The other quirk.  I seem to need to use matplotlib to draw the disparity map (being its a grayscale?).  I tried reversing the cvtColor function to go back to GBR – since the plot function of matplotlib holds the processing loop (I have to hit the window close button to loop).  Something to sort if I wanted motion displayed.

Work to go then, sort out stereo camera calibration, then try the disparity code again.


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