Locked out of Armbian forum!!


I am locked out of Armbian forum now??

So I guess I cannot recommend Armbian as a Orange Pi Zero distro.

Given all the problems I am having it seems suspiciously like censorship or bullying.

Strange though because a couple of people on that group appeared to be invested in fixing the problems I am seeing.

Oddly, I was blown over by actually getting responses on the forum as one chap at least was providing good technical challenges.  They might actually have something to get their teeth into given we’ve gotten over the usual lazy guesses and now getting to the knitty gritty.

In fact my “crime” was, apparently, responding individually to people who offered help with acknowledgement of yes/no whether their ideas helped.

The inference in the “warning” I received on the forum was that I was all “higgledy piggledy” in my responses.

Hard not to be given I was using the forum “quote” mechanism over top the responses from forum members to ensure individual user responses had my succinct response to their help.

Members were grabbing snippets themselves of the thread to quote in their responses so the forum members did contribute quite a lot to the thread becoming “messy”.

So, in short, my “crime” was using forum software built in functionality the same way other members were.

Mind you I was locked out by someone whose “help” was clearly off the mark.  When I pointed out factually that what they had suggested was, in fact, not going to work, because it actually was the steps that elicited the problem, their response was a tirade of hysteria.

Turns out it was a forum moderator.

So, there is probably at least a problem with ethics as it looks like I am being targeted because I pointed out to the moderator his suggestion was not helpful.

I am not sure why a moderator is moderating a thread they are responding to, or responding to threads at all.  This chap does not seem to be able to self moderate.

He needs to step down as a moderator.

As you might be aware I am not fussed with forums since most times your questions remain idle for yonks.

Remember my spanking on stack exchange, for example, I had a question that sat idle for 6 months.  I worked out the answer. Posted it.  Not half a hour later some dolt panned my answer I think entirely oblivious 1) that I raised the question and 2) that it was the actual answer to the question since I had to sort it myself.  So, I did make a pointed comment …

So, I have muddle through, got enough ideas.  I just got a ping on my post box app so I suspect my two new OPiZ have turned up.

What?  Yeah well they are cheap and I am still 60/40 it’s a hardware frag.  The expansion board wasn’t needed so no need confounding things again.

I haven’t tried the ubuntu distro yet – though I am a big debian fan I have already gone over to the dark side since the parallella official distro is parabuntu.

There is a debian distro for parallella but the board is fiddly enough I think without winging it with rabble rousers.



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