Starting over

So, now scrubbing the distro and going back to the distro.

Yes, after the frag it wouldn’t boot but who knows if I rewrite it with Etcher.

By the by, the have no idea of config control.

I thought to download new copy of image of debian server for OPiZ.


Still, distro burnt with Etcher still has same old problem.

It would boot before I had used the expansion board in the device.  It would not boot with the expansion device in.  It would no longer boot even after expansion board was taken out.

Now, on brand new SD card using Etcher and not WIN32DiskImager same problem.  It still won’t boot without expansion board inserted.

So, burning image onto brand new brand name SD card using Etcher does not fix problem – problem is therefore unlikely to be SD card corruption.

In fact, burning the orangepi ubuntu instead of debian server also sees the card not boot up even if it is burnt with Etcher.

This is so weird, the official distros worked up until the expansion board was plugged in and now neither ubuntu nor debian distros will boot.


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