Ah ha!


I am now building the third C.H.I.P. with shairport-sync.

I went to look on the gateway admin page to check to see if the other two were still up.

Neither turned up in the wifi list.


So I went to the iPad and sure enough, I could see and select the other two as Airplay targets.

So, I ssh’d in and I could connect to both  AND I could ping google.com from both.  That validates both that I can get out and the DNS setup is still working.

So, it looks like there is some bug in the gateway web admin since I can’t have internet access if something isn’t right.

Not sure if that relates though to the OPiZ story as that was definitely devices dropped.

Still, so many niggly confounding problems.

So, I will ignore them and build the third C.H.I.P. for Madam’s office.

What the!?

With the static IP set, the third C.H.I.P. can be seen on the gateway wifi list.  The only difference between the third C.H.I.P. and the other two is it is connected by USB to my PC for the setup.  Why on earth would that make a difference as to whether it is “seen” by the gateway list?

Okay, so I had deleted a network scanner off my Android phone when I found it had broken post an update.  I downloaded a new one tonight that similarly could only see the new C.H.I.P. attached to my PC???  I scrapped that one and downloaded yet another one and it could see all three C.H.I.P.???  Fracked if I know what is going on there.

Too dopey to bother with, no concern given I can still talk to board by USB and all other evidence is that, from the C.H.I.P. point of view everything is fine.


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