Do di do di do di DOH~!

So, yep, sure enough, I came back to the OPiZ and could not connect.

As I have the 3-pin serial connected I snuck a look and yep … route naught.

I rebooted, setup emqttd as a service, re-started the cyclic reboot task in node-red.

I will let that run a few days then I will have to try something else to work out when and why the lan connection is dying.

This is on a new Orange Pi Zero board that hasn’t had an expansion board inserted, and it is running the headless debian server.

I still can’t fathom how the difference between ethernet connection persisting and then being dropped procedurally is the installation of erlang/elixir/emqttd.

Worst case, I guess I can install Mosquitto.

Still, I cannot see the mechanism.



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