So hot!

I stuffed the following into a node-red exec node:

cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

Every minute I will now get a temp reading of my OPiZ to my node-red console.

At the moment the temperature of the OPiZ is running at about 61degreesC.

From chatter on the net this is hot but not a problem – but I will be taking delivery of heat sinks later in the week so that should see the temp drop somewhat.

Fine while the OPiZ stays running but it will keep a record of the temp and the round about time the thing stops.

I have a python based mqtt client listening on my PC for a topic set by node-red on the OPiZ.

I also have another python script on my PC pinging the OPiZ periodically to try to catch the time it drops off the ethernet.

Now even if the ethernet drops out I will still need parse the logs to see if the chip reset due to heat or was turning off devices due to heat.

I am also running the following, to monitor memory usage, on the Tera Term connection (3-pin serial):

sudo watch -n 1 vmstat -s

In any event, I have ample instruments to monitor the system to try to give hints at the behaviour (at least) of the ethernet drop outs that I have been seeing.

In the meantime I started poking around to try to work out how to get control of the CPU clocking as I might need turn down the clock speed to try to keep the OPiZ cooler – if that turns out  to be the problem.

Keeping an open mind in any event until I get some hints.


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