So, I was having too much trouble with the extrusions warping and shrinking. Part of the issue was, I suspect, the aircon. So, the room was too cold.

The other, well, I assume the plastic reel that comes with the printer might have been low quality OR had absorbed moisture (there is some chatter on that on the web).

In any event I looked around for a box to stuff the printer into. I did almost go for a couple of 19 inch boxes at the auctions, but they went too fast.

So I opted to get an 11U 19 inch box from a mob from interstate. I can recommend them, they are very very helpful. I did have them triple check dimensions for me before I bought the item.

It is a perfect fit for the flashforge finder! The flash finder is a 420mm cube. The printer slides in the open door. The two side panels come off for access as well. The height leaves room enough for the feed tube. Did I say perfect!

All I need do now is sort a small fan heater to warm the interior of the box. I will sort a temperature control et cetera.

Only downside? Faraday shield! So, I can’t connect by wifi no more no more. So, I need a long USB cable. No matter.

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