All sorts of problems with Flashforge Finder and the USB connection. More often the software cannot connect to the printer.

I have swapped USB ports onto my PC, instead of USB hub, that doesn’t fix it.

Of note, when watching the devices list, the list flashes whenever I insert or remove the USB connecter from the PC, but oddly no change in the number of items occurs in the devices list. That seems to mean the PC is detecting the insertion and removal of the USB connector but the driver is not picking up the printer at the other end.

The printer is too far away to try other cables (I only have 1x3m cable). So, I am trawling for my Arduino MEGA (which has the same USB Type B connector. If the Arduino IDE has problems with the MEGA then maybe I didn’t buy as high a quality cable as I thought I did.

The only other way I might be able to get around this is to open the side of the cabinet, send the files by wifi, close the cabinet. Downside of that is I lose the control via the software on the PC.

Nuisance? Sure is!

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