Moldy but goody but ..

Dusted off my Acer Aspire One. Couldn’t find power adapter. I had thrown a bunch of adapters out because I had so many. So I found a place to order one from. It turned up with the wrong country pins. Then I bothered to look and found the original charger. DOH!

So, it plugged it in to charge it. It had Debian 8 installed so it wanted to update 500 plus packages. So I left it running over night.

Rebooting over my morning coffee, I was excited at having that little hack back online.

Unplugged it and logged onto wifi. Battled through a zillion expired certicate warnings on the dopey old browser Conquerer. DOH!

5 minutes into browsing, 6 minutes into unplugging. It turned itself off. Now I remember. Battery’d died. DOH!

Still. I need a terminal for my cluster.

Oh well.

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