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Posted in Sucky service Providers on August 15, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

I am probably behind the times but…

Bought a power adapter off the net from

Has .au URL and even English names of contacts.

I ordered a powerpack with the photo clearly showing an OZ pinout.

The item that turned up did not have OZ pinout.

I contacted the seller on PayPal. It turned out the Seller was in China.

They never had adapters with OZ pinouts.

They don’t tell you that when you order one with OZ pinouts

They send you an adapter to cover the fraud, since to return the item registered mail, to ensure that the vendor does not deny the return, is between AUS$9 and AUS$20 dollars. Not a lot of point returning it then.

You are out AUS$25 if you send it unregistered and they deny receiving it.

It will be a real test if PayPal actually provides protection against that kind of death by 1000 cuts style of fraud, as it is too small an amount authorities to act on. Although, how many people are being scammed?

I have since found many Aliexpress stores, claiming to have Australian warehouse, all seem to go through same PO in Regent Park in NSW.

Now is that an Aliexpress warehouse?