Google smoogle

Google “warns” us that having your hands smacked for breaching IP and copyright laws will somehow “upend” software development!


The premise is that, given opensource evolved out of the criminality of software piracy, succeeding simple due to the weight of infringement overwhelming the legal system’s capacity to respond, then somehow Google can use the “software is art” mantra to steal licenced IP. Oh, masquerading as loss of “openness”?


If openness was so precious, why steal IP in the first place, simply to jeopardise the outcome?

OF note also, the turn around in so-called opensource community, where people are advocating “monetization” of their efforts, failing to remember that they are likely the same people that engaged in software piracy and therefore raping the software developer’s of that era of their “monetization” efforts of their work.


So, since licences are still pertinent. Since “monetization” is back in. Pay up Google you wankers. Grow some ethical standards you prats. Give up on your “monetization” efforts if you are so philanthropic.

Google, you are transparent.

Look inward at the treatment of your employees. That would require “openness”.

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