Chase that Dog Platform

Posted in Chase That Dog!! on July 24, 2011 by asteriondaedalus

So the basic 1/10 monster truck chasis.  All electronics ripped out.  Notice the basic steering.  There will be a RC Sailboat Servo with a pulley as a winch to steer this.

Notice USB Host shield inserted into ROMEO.  Still have to double check pin allocations …


As integration approach, will work initial software integration using Freeduino USB host and IDEOS, then sort out ROMEO with USB Host shield once familiarised.

Inventory so far – Brains

Posted in Hardware on July 24, 2011 by asteriondaedalus
Board CPU Number
Arduino MEGA ATmega1280 1
Beagle Board XM DM3730 Cortex A8 1
Blackwidow ATmega328P 1
Yellowjacket ATmega328P 2
Propeller Proto Board Propeller 1
Propeller Prototyping module PropRPM Propeller 2
Seeduino Film Atmega168 2
JPEG Trigger ATmega328 2
Romeo ATmega328 1
Freeduino USB Host Board ATmega??? 1
ArduPilot ATmega328 2
Flyduino Atmega328P 1