About me?  Well naught really.  Been in computing as hobby since before my uni daze.

Signetics 2650 – My first computer from Electronics Australia kit.   I only actually relatively recently threw it out, the cpu and eprom at least, about 5 years ago.  Here’s a good article about it.

Intel MCS-49 – What a buzz.  I designed a programmer for this one.  Write a cross-assembler for it in F83.

Porta-Pak –  This was a CPM based system that was portable, had two 5 inch floppies and was about same size and weight as a fork lift battery.   Australian design.  It was the computer I used primarily for writing FORTH programs on until later toys.  Actually, I think the Porta-Pak went to Tasmania.  I lent it to someone for their wife to do her assignments on.  She left him and took my computer with her.  Very sad.


Mine was blue, and so am I

Rockwell R65F11/12 – chips came with an eprom with FORTH interpreter.  I had a main development board and a 12 odd companion boards.

Dallas DS 5000 – INTEL 8051 clone.  Built in battery backed up ram etc.

Interdata 6/16 – Got this mini-computer from University of New South Wales.  The carcass of it still sits in my parent’s garage (some 30 years later), my Father uses it for storage.  He did throw the 12 boxes of 12 inch floppy disc out some time ago 😉

GEC 4160 – Got this mini-computer from a place I was working at.  I still have my OS4000 system administrator certificate in my CV (for some reason, probably sentimental).

Working in Defense I have played in real-time software for mission equipment and mission simulation equipment, system and software testing, software architecture, software assurance et al.  Nowadays I am a senior engineer and roust about so I vent by dabbling in robotics and associated endeavors at home.

This is my Turing Test and my tech diary is all.

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