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A short experiment while I had a couple of hours…

Posted in AUTOPILOT, Software on August 12, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

… it turned out to be a couple of hours as I found I could connect to the BBB from Winoze box but not from the 64 bit Debian box??

Turned out the BBB, like the BB, is a little dodgy and needs to be reset as you are not guaranteed an Ethernet connection on startup.

Makes it a nuisance I imagine for embedded applications I am guessing.

In any event, finally got around to doing hello world from Eclipse.

helloworld on BBB

Just a start.  Now the fun begins.

I love the smell of rosin in the morning …

Posted in Arduino, AUTOPILOT, Hardware on June 23, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

… or the evening.

The things we do...

The photo is a bit fuzzy, sorry but apt.

At my age I am still in denial about my eyes and there was no way I was making the mod to these boards

So small!!

… without 1) my new 2x magnifying lens LED lamp and 2) my 20x jeweler’s monocle.


I poked around on internet and found a video that warned that the USB cable for the boards needed to have the cable inserted BEFORE the other end was pushed into the HOST computer (phew!).  I found a second website where the guy, who got the same board, was bleating about being stung and woe is me etc.  At least he had some useful info on how and which LEDs should light up if the board was working properly so:

  1. I plugged USB cable into each board in turn.
  2. Plugged the cable into the HOST.
  3. Watched all the required LED blinking of a properly working board.


I made sure I inspected the soldering/grounding of the SMD pin so I was happy there were no shorts (the 20x view of the jeweler monocle – like WOW!) so I was happy things would sort themselves out.

I am happy I have the boards.

The safety bleat is a little thin given some of the things I talk about at my other blog.  Notably, most of the hardware/software design for these hobby hacks have no safety assurance in any event and my solder join is likely to be more reliable than the Pb-free joints on the rest of the board as they will suffer tin-whiskers and likely fail with a short at some stage.

Oh well, can’t sneeze at $30 odd for a 10DOF board now can one.

Yin and Yang

Posted in Arduino, AUTOPILOT on June 20, 2013 by asteriondaedalus



So, the three NEO-6M GPS Modules I ordered, to pair up with the AIO, have turned up.

A little bit of work to connect the two – I have to pair two cables that came with the AIO,


TX3/RX3 next door will go to SNAP module.



Although, you do know that you can program an Arduino over the air with a SNAP module!  So I might look at the FTDI port as well as an option.