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Microsoft cannot deal with phishing

Posted in Conspiracy Theory on May 22, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

Microsoft, seem to be struggling with managing phishing.  I say so because they now have an annoying dialogue that pops up when you make a phishing report.  Why would you do that when you haven’t done for how long?  Well given the number of emails that go to my junk folder that I mark as phishing means that they are getting pummelled with having to analyse said emails – assuming I am not the only person on the planet getting phishing emails that is.  So, how to stop the flood of phishing reports?  Put an annoying dialogue up whenever people try to report the phishing.  It is just psychological warfare against users.  The whole design of the Internet is flawed, they cannot stem the flow of phishing, hacking, etc.  So we now want to under-report the problem, perhaps so as to cause false trends in reporting that provide for false claims of getting things under control.

So, now, ain’t that a conspiracy theory or what?!