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Here’s the theory …

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… straight forward really.

MOOS-IVP happily compiles and runs on on of my Beaglebone Blacks.


Sooooo, no stretch (pardon the pun) for MOOS-IVP to fit onto a C.H.I.P.!


Both are 1GHz processors with 512M of memory.

The standard approach, in any event, is run MOOS-IVP on the linux board and have an arduino interfacing with the hardware.

Of course, I am running against the AIO:

You could just as easily run against a raft of other boards, such as:

Or even a Parallax Propeller board!

That would all depend on what you are offloading to the hardware layer.

Killing time – Quadcopter Frenzy!

Posted in General niff naff and trivia on October 3, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

Because it is a long weekend here, the stores aren’t open and so we couldn’t get up the road to get the loose bits and pieces you find you need along the way when building these Chinese Robocat kits – given the complete absence of complete instructions.

Will need a couple of 3s batteries in any event, more lock nut, some heavy wire for power connections, and …

So, I got my sister to build the gyrocopter I got on sale from HobbyKing, so voila!


We found the glue that comes with the kit had burst and set some of the parts in a thick goo, much like mosquitoes in amber from the Jurassic period.

In the meantime I progressed that dang blasted rock crawler I was building before my Master’s course took over my life, and so:…


Yes, beer and nuts does help with assembly.  If I hadn’t lost my prescription glasses that would have helped.  A couple of more expensive hobby alan keys will also help as I have stripped all the finer cheap ones.

Now what wild is that, conveniently, the AIO fits snuggly in the chassis.


Pity though, not the best idea for outside work – which is what the robot will be used for.

The AIO will be the “lower brain” and a Beaglebone Black will be the “higher brain”.  You can run MOOS-IvP on a Beaglebone.  Although, the idea of running Nerves is also then an option, I also rather like the idea of using MQTT as the messaging backbone. But, start with MOOS-IvP first.



oh my god!

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My ODROID-W turned up. The thing is the size that could almost fit in a matchbox. I am sold! You are right Broadcom, this little board is a threat. Good job Hardkernel.

Intriguing … when is Open Source not?

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Raspberry Pi is Creative Commons.

My nephew has a Raspberry Pi – I helped him set it up last Christmas, and also sorted him out to develop on it from his Mac, his Arduino from his Mac and his Arduino from his Raspberry Pi from his Mac (torturous but fun, why not).

Me I am a Beagle boy (with an xM an two BBB).

Still, my nephew has invited me to help him with a project and, given he lives in Sydney and I live in Adelaide, I thought I would have to lower myself to get a Raspberry Pi to ensure whatever “help” I came up with worked on his target.

Luckily to help swallow my pride Hardkernel had the ODROID W, which is a Raspberry Pi clone.  It can run Raspbian etc. and has the same Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 700Mhz on it as the Pi.  I also got the docking station with LCD.  Still half the size of a Pi though a little more expensive.

Mercifully, there is also a port of erlang for Raspbian so some evil plans are afoot – you don’t need a docking station for everything mwahahahaha!

The thing is, some time after I first came across it, Hardkernel put a caveat on their page that it wouldn’t be sold past the initial prototype run. Why not? Broadcom apparently refused to sell them anymore BCM2835.

The website now no longer has the “reason”, as it is removed now but the story is the same – once all the prototype run is gone then no more.

Funny that.

Broadcom not selling chips to a Raspberry Pi clone manufacturer.

Still, you have wonder as Raspberry Pi is Creative Commons which doesn’t make sense if you cannot use the hardware design because the SOC vendor won’t sell you chips.

Sort of makes me want an ODROID-W even more.  It is … was … very neat.

Fingers Crossed

Posted in General niff naff and trivia on April 30, 2014 by asteriondaedalus

Just taking a lunch break, then one last pass over study notes before heading off for LAST EXAM EVER for my Masters course in Engineering.