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Who knows why?

Posted in Google API blues, Linux on December 28, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

So a raw install of node-red on PC, an install of node-red-node-google, a google calendar api account, a bit of fiddling and half an hour tops and node-red was reporting google calendar events.

So an hour of attempting different install mechanisms for node-red (to get anything to work) – plagued somewhat by bits that reported deprecation and a couple of kaputs – the same google calendar api account from previous step, two days of failure to get the google calendar out to register with the api.   I lowered myself to go onto stackexchange, got an “Answer” which I cannot correct because I don’t have kudos, a hostile dill who’s Answer I have torn down.

He felt I needed to update the hosts file on my PC so that the browser on PC could resolve the callback to the local odroid server.  Sounded reasonable but that is in itself a likely hint of failure.  Upshot is I had both the odroid’s hosts and the PC hosts files set to the domain name the google calendar config wanted and indeed instructed but not a sausage.  That is the uri request for api permission failed.

So, I looked around for ways to set up a DNS server (assuming that’s what it took) on the local lan.  By golly 1,000,000 sites with 1,000,001 ways of doing it.  I groaned.

Had an idea though.

I had a look at the advanced settings for my ISP router.  Yes, it had DHCP reservations and DDNS options.

I reserved a fixed IP address on the lan for the mac address of the odroid ethernet card.

I created an account at no-IP for DDNS and set up the ISP router to point at it.

I did not delete the hosts entries for the domain name for the odroid off either odroid or PC.

I restarted everything and went to configure the google calendar out gadget BUT the uri request it generated used the domain name generated by google.html in the node module and this was still not resolved.

I had previously tried editing out the domain name in the uri and editing it the raw ip address of the odroid.

Previously this did not work and the request failed.

I even tried that after updating the PC hosts file.  Didn’t help.

Who knows why but now, with the DDNS running on the ISP router, it turns out the hand edited uri (with raw IP address substituted for domain name in the generated uri) worked!

Now I appear to have the node-red on the odroid receiving events (start and stop) from the google calendar.

Very messy.