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It occurred …

Posted in Embedded, Erlang, ODROID is wonderful, OpenSprinklette on December 5, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

… that after all the fluffing around with TTB on the inherited RaspingBreathBurryDOodlePi, I did rather prefer my mix I built originally on one of my ODROID-W.

Still, now I have got the additional ODROID-C1 it makes more sense for use as the house automation server.

The reason is that there is a UPS module that I can get from HardKernel that will help with survival requirements (given the blackouts we occasionally get in sleepy little Adelaide).

I do rather like the 7″ touch display you can get for the C1 as well.  Although, that isn’t strictly necessary since we will browse into the node-red running on it.


It will do…

Posted in cheap obsolete tech, ODROID is wonderful, ODROID vs RaspingBreathburry on November 7, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

… now I can free one of my ODROID-W up from the chore of being the Thing-a-me-Box.

I will even relent and use thing-a-me-box out-of-the-box.


Or not.  Downloaded thethingbox 2.4.0.  Burnt SD card.  Lights flicker but nothing is home on thethingbox.local/ … so the slow painful debug.

First option is I will reburn SD with 2.3.5 before I start attaching terminals etc.

I can’t see the raspberrydoodlepoo on the network even though it is wired up to my wifi extender.

The eth cable I am using is fine with BBB etc.

My PC is wired to the extender so it isn’t the extender.


2.4.0 was a dud!

2.3.5 runs fine.

Installability was a quality attribute applied in old world notions of software quality.  Nowadays who cares right, just make the user fluff about.


Spoke too soon.   2.3.5 loaded up into the gcu page.  Asked me to add email address, passwords, change thingy name.

I hit submit.

It went away and now … does not connect against default name OR new name.


Would you believe you should not believe the boot times proffered for a raspberry pi, especially when it is running TheThingBox.  Somewhat greater than 50 seconds was the problem.  Go a grab a cup of tea closer to the time.

Super Dooper Computer

Posted in ODROID is wonderful on March 25, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

All things come to those who wait.

Two mates came to party with free gifts.

One gave me a large stylish server case so I can build a old dual core server mother board into.  I am sourcing a CUDA board to get best GPU-bang for buck to build a OpenCV/PCL server to give some of my smaller roving bots a vision and mapping service.

To boot, another mate gave me his ODROID C1 so I now have a 4 board ODROiD C1 cluster!

This is for some of the experiments with ERLANG/ELIXIR/RIAK/Phoenix I am dabbling with.  Not to mention RabbitMQ et al.

I have been playing with RabbitMQ and emqtt to sort communication across network with ESP8266 and the 4 ODROID-W skattered around the place.  Currently running emqtt and node-red on an ODROID-W mounted on baseboard but once I have sorted things I will move it to a headerless ODROID-W to sit humming hidden in a small box out of site.

All good fun.