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Clusterised heavon! Except they are blown out of the water by a new option, more modules, more features and cheaper! JESUS! Everyone is now doing it!

Now the Turing Pi is to the Gumstix Stagecoach what the Odroid-W was to the Raspberry Pi. I wonder if the Raspberry Pi community gets the irony of a Raspberry Pi option cheating by copying another open source hardware design. Perhaps the Turing Pi should be pummelled the same way the Odroid-W was?

Now I have been at hardkernel to do a similar thing for years. If you talk about a sodimm DDR2 form factor and a cluster motherboard, people on the hardkernel forum still want 1) tell you why they like other form factors or 2) tell you to look at other offerings (such as those above). Losers!

I would even consider the Turing Pi, even though its under powered with only quad cores with 1G mem each. Really an educational toy. I hope then they have the module LED pointing in a useful direction for running lights. Plenty of USB for AI dongles, but still Raspingdoodleburry based. Still …

However, since I am not a pi fan, mostly because monopoly aspects, I did just order a Pine64 Clusterboard. That will retire my 3 Odroid C1 current on the cluster, well not really, that will open them up for additional robotics projects. SBC based clusters are clumsy and too complicated given clusters based upon compute modules had been introduced by gumstix years ago. Note that the gumstix “stagecoach” design is posted by gumstix so was always ripe for copying.

I note that a Rockchip RK1808 with 3TOP NPU is coming from Pine64 with the same compute module footprint. So there appear to be options of a 64bit 2Gigabyte compute and an AI compute module. Whether I need go wild though is a question, since I have a NVIDIA Jetson Nano and my Parallella. I note that there are USB ports in any event so probably need not burn cluster slots with the AI compute module, just need add USB version.

Since the Clusterboard is half the price of the Turing Pi it has to get my vote given AUS dollar means I need multiply all the costs by 1.5.

The Clusterboard will be a great docker based and or Chapel based toy.

OH … MY … GOD! A cluster of cluster boards. Eat shit hardkernel!

Bad Broadcom, bad, bad!

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Bad Bad Broadcom

So, with antitrust investigations, including accusations of monopoly practices by Broadcom, does anyone remember ODROID-W?

I do.

The rants in the Raspingdoodleberry Pi community about ODROID cheating, even though RPi comes under Creative Commons were interesting.

The gotcha appeared to be the documentation was Creative Commons (CC), even the design documentation, but building hardware based upon the design documents was not (apparently) acceptable to some.

The notion of opensource hardware appears, in fact, to be PCB level and not schematic level. So, without specific restrictions in place, building a PCB from the supplied schematic is a remix, in tune with the CC offered by the rasping lot.

So, the idea that can remix the schematic design, as you may or may not have had to to come up with ODROID-W, but you can’t build hardware from that schematic to get remixed PCB design is curious? What is the point then of that CC?

The variant of CC applied by The Rasping (is that a better jibe) should have been Non-Commercial, No Derivatives. Since The Rasping did NOT apply that restriction THEN all the bleating by members of The Rasping was unkempt, uncalled for and The Rasping should have culled the conversation and educated its members. In fact, it may draw attention by any investigation into Broadcom, since the banter was likely monopolistic in intent, especially where Broadcom employees joined in the discussion on The Rasping.

All the gaff about using the poor Raspingdoodleberry software developers efforts, when the software was offered opensource! Suck it up Princesses. You only asked for attribution. You got it.

So, is this just monopolising by Raspberry Pi community? How connected is that practice with accusations about Broadcom practices?

The more interesting thing is, apart from potty talk from the Raspingdoodlebury community, there appeared no other action directly on their part. The action on behalf of the Raspingdoodlebury Pi was apparently taken by Broadcom (according to some viewpoints).

Its hard to unpick the Broadcom/Raspberry Pi think.

Interesting, all very interesting.

I wonder how broadly the investigation into Broadcom, and monopoly practices, will look?

It will do…

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… now I can free one of my ODROID-W up from the chore of being the Thing-a-me-Box.

I will even relent and use thing-a-me-box out-of-the-box.


Or not.  Downloaded thethingbox 2.4.0.  Burnt SD card.  Lights flicker but nothing is home on thethingbox.local/ … so the slow painful debug.

First option is I will reburn SD with 2.3.5 before I start attaching terminals etc.

I can’t see the raspberrydoodlepoo on the network even though it is wired up to my wifi extender.

The eth cable I am using is fine with BBB etc.

My PC is wired to the extender so it isn’t the extender.


2.4.0 was a dud!

2.3.5 runs fine.

Installability was a quality attribute applied in old world notions of software quality.  Nowadays who cares right, just make the user fluff about.


Spoke too soon.   2.3.5 loaded up into the gcu page.  Asked me to add email address, passwords, change thingy name.

I hit submit.

It went away and now … does not connect against default name OR new name.


Would you believe you should not believe the boot times proffered for a raspberry pi, especially when it is running TheThingBox.  Somewhat greater than 50 seconds was the problem.  Go a grab a cup of tea closer to the time.

OM I say OMG!

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RaspberryDoodleDandyPoodle :- 64bit, 4 core, 1.2GHz, 1Gbyte memory, AUS$70!  Just the thing for a 12 year old bored skool kid to fry.


Odroid C2 :- 64bit, 4 core, 2GHz, 2GByte memory, AUS$70!

The built in bluetooth and wifi on the RaspberryDoodleDandy … hmmm … not enough.

Even the Odroid C0 makes more sense than the Raspberry OH NO!  Unless you want to turn on an LED whenever the local cocker spaniel cocks his spaniel on you mailbox … nope not even then, got a drawer full of ESP8266 for that.