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It will do…

Posted in cheap obsolete tech, ODROID is wonderful, ODROID vs RaspingBreathburry on November 7, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

… now I can free one of my ODROID-W up from the chore of being the Thing-a-me-Box.

I will even relent and use thing-a-me-box out-of-the-box.


Or not.  Downloaded thethingbox 2.4.0.  Burnt SD card.  Lights flicker but nothing is home on thethingbox.local/ … so the slow painful debug.

First option is I will reburn SD with 2.3.5 before I start attaching terminals etc.

I can’t see the raspberrydoodlepoo on the network even though it is wired up to my wifi extender.

The eth cable I am using is fine with BBB etc.

My PC is wired to the extender so it isn’t the extender.


2.4.0 was a dud!

2.3.5 runs fine.

Installability was a quality attribute applied in old world notions of software quality.  Nowadays who cares right, just make the user fluff about.


Spoke too soon.   2.3.5 loaded up into the gcu page.  Asked me to add email address, passwords, change thingy name.

I hit submit.

It went away and now … does not connect against default name OR new name.


Would you believe you should not believe the boot times proffered for a raspberry pi, especially when it is running TheThingBox.  Somewhat greater than 50 seconds was the problem.  Go a grab a cup of tea closer to the time.


OM I say OMG!

Posted in ODROID vs RaspingBreathburry on March 22, 2016 by asteriondaedalus


RaspberryDoodleDandyPoodle :- 64bit, 4 core, 1.2GHz, 1Gbyte memory, AUS$70!  Just the thing for a 12 year old bored skool kid to fry.


Odroid C2 :- 64bit, 4 core, 2GHz, 2GByte memory, AUS$70!

The built in bluetooth and wifi on the RaspberryDoodleDandy … hmmm … not enough.

Even the Odroid C0 makes more sense than the Raspberry OH NO!  Unless you want to turn on an LED whenever the local cocker spaniel cocks his spaniel on you mailbox … nope not even then, got a drawer full of ESP8266 for that.