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Ultimate Insult

Posted in ODROID-W, Raspberry Pirate, RaspingBreathburryDOodlePi on July 16, 2017 by asteriondaedalus

Rasberry Pi community bullies hard kernel to drop ODOID-W through broadcom connection. Now comes out with RaspingBerryDoodlePi Zero W. 

They should be disqualified from using “W” annotation. 


Yet another bonus!

Posted in Raspberry Pirate on October 12, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

Mate at work, the one that handed me his Odroid C1 when he decided he would dump the small PC approach to media replay for a service provider, mentioned he was bringing in his Raspberry Pirate for me.

Now this is a bonus as I was using one of my ODROID W as a MQTT and node-red host.  I would much rather use the ODROID W for other things, so I will rebuild my thingime-box clone with a Raspberry Pirate.

I don’t recall what model he said it was but I recall a while back he was talking B+?  Don’t care in any event as it can sit humming out of sight.

I had actually used an erlang based MQTT broker, if that doesn’t offend – rather than Mosquitto.   I have also been looking at moving to RabbitMQ as it has a hook into XMPP that might allow talking between SPADE2 (python) agents and Erlang/Elixir AMQP clients.

To facilitate these transactions I note that there is an interesting hook into RabbitMQ is a (so-called) script-exchange.  This might be the hook into the problem of converting to/from FIPA ACL.  Obviously needs some work but will be  a fun way to sort out an understanding of XMPP.


What a comeback!!!

Posted in Raspberry Pirate on December 11, 2014 by asteriondaedalus


All that carry on by Raspbogons about ODROID-W being a copy of the Raspberry Pi, Broadcom mysteriously canning supply of their chips to Hardkernel.  Sort of expected Hardkernel to roll over and die right.

Meet what is touted as a Raspberry Pi Killer.

Four cores, 1.5GHz, 1Mb RAM etc.

Makes it sort of a Beaglebone Black killer as well.

Why? $35.

Now if they can squeeze that chip onto the ODROID-W formfactor Hardkernel take the market.

Ah, it makes sense now.

Posted in Raspberry Pirate on November 14, 2014 by asteriondaedalus
Raspberry Pi's Raspberry Pirate

Raspberry Pi’s Raspberry Pirate

Now it all makes sense

Now it all makes sense

Of course  Hardkernel isn’t to copy the Pi but Pi can copy the short form ODROID-W.  How embarrassingly transparent and shoddy and now the shining light of Creative Commons.

Raspberry Pirates are GO!

Posted in Raspberry Pirate, Vision on November 10, 2014 by asteriondaedalus
Battery charged ... check.

Battery charged … check.  Click on the picture.  Go on.  Look at it close up.  I am spun out at the SD card size in comparison with the board.

With my USB mouse and keyboard from Linux setup downstairs.  A bran spanking new black Ethernet cable plugged into my wireless extender.  Lights a flickering and:

A pretend Pi!

A pretend Pi! (aka Raspberry Pirate Arrrgh!)

So, I was curious, having been lazy and buying an SD card from Hardkernel, but it was Raspbian…phew.

So I downloaded bottlepy (the web framework) and:

Hello Nephew!

Hello Nephew!

No biggy but now I wait with bated breath for him to catch up.

In the meantime, I am writing up Part1 of LAB2 of the FPGA laboratories … slowly, as I am deep in Masters Dissertation at the moment.

Also wik, I am looking at Processing on Android to build my 3D sensors (both line laser and structured light).  I have (almost) sorted the line laser driver which will run off a Seeduino film with Bluetooth.

I decided to switch because there is already a structured light program running in Processing and I have dibs on a LED pico projector from China for around $100.

Not to mention the bloggy omni-lens demo code is in Processing (and you’ll recall I have three of those suckers now 😉 – yes Yes YES!

Almost there …

Posted in ODROID-W, Raspberry Pirate on November 7, 2014 by asteriondaedalus

… Raspberry Pirate (ODROID-W) up.

I had to buy a micro HDMI cable as it turns out I have to recompile kernel to get the LCD going on the base or docking board for the OROID-W.

The base board

The base board

All good though.  I plugged the micro HDMI port into the back of my new monitor and watched the linux boot sequence run through to a config window.

So, my soldering appears to be good’n’uff.

I will sort out keyboard and mouse on weekend as a break from study and likely download an run a web framework “hello world” to push my Nephew along with his project.

Setting up the ODROID-W

Posted in Embedded, Erlang, ODROID-W, Raspberry Pirate on October 10, 2014 by asteriondaedalus

A second package turned up in my PO box from Hardkernel.  It was the extra ODROID-W for my parts drawer and also the connector sets I forgot to get.  Trying out the ODROID-W plus base board was a little hard without the connectors, yes?

Ah! That's better.

Ah! That’s better.

A little soldering etc. then bomb Rasbian onto an SD card, then dump the Erlang and, yes, the blinking LED experiment.

This weekend I promised myself.  I have already put lighting up a Beaglebone Black with the cross-compiled Erlang experiment I put together on my 32bit Debian box.  I just need to sort the SD card reader/burner on that machine.

The box that turned up also included four button cells for the on-board RTC (you know the one the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have).  So, I had forgotten I had ordered those, I ordered 8 button cells from them to get connectors for the board for the lipo cells, not the other day.  So it means I can sort out battery power for the board ahead of schedule.  All good.