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Docker Pirate?

Posted in Docker, RaspingBreathburryDOodlePi, thingbox on August 26, 2018 by asteriondaedalus

So, coincidence right?  I joke that the ODROID-W is a Raspberry Pirate right!

So, you can get a docker based Rasbian lite that runs on the RPi 3B+.

And, if you hurry, Udemy has a not bad course on Docker for sub $20.

Not to mention various pdf books around the place on Docker.

The tutorials on Docker website are a must.

And I think I really need to learn Docker for what may be coming up at work, so win win.


Ultimate Insult

Posted in ODROID-W, Raspberry Pirate, RaspingBreathburryDOodlePi on July 16, 2017 by asteriondaedalus

Rasberry Pi community bullies hard kernel to drop ODOID-W through broadcom connection. Now comes out with RaspingBerryDoodlePi Zero W. 

They should be disqualified from using “W” annotation. 

New way to stuff erlang/elixir onto embedded arm

Posted in Elixir, Erlang, Open Source can be professional, Orange Pi, RaspingBreathburryDOodlePi on June 13, 2017 by asteriondaedalus

YES, it is “designed” for RaspingBreathberryDoodlePi BUT worked a treat for OPiZ.

See the following link.


Posted in Rant, RaspingBreathburryDOodlePi on December 2, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

Rest in Pieces you Fracking RaspingBreathBurryDOodlePi (RIPuFRBDPi).

Rest in Pieces.

So, wife’s off at Work Christmas do.

Dogs are walked, fed and washed.

I dragged out a USB keyboard and USB mouse to connect to the RBDPi to at least get Erlang onto it and to install either of RabbitMQ or emqttd – so it could maintain some semblance of dignity by acting as a messaging host.

Go figure.

I had the start-up sequencing streaming over HDMI to my monitor, got to login prompt, no response to keyboard.

So I fired up my Atom box, running 32bit Debian, and sure enough, keyboard was fine.

So, the USB ports on the RBDPi my friend gave me appear to be kaput.

Neither worked.

So, it goes to the awaiting garbage bin along with the CurieNano DFRobot wouldn’t take back on warranty.

What is a real smack in the face, the ODROID C1 I inherited on the same buddy was sitting their taunting me.  I looked, for a fleeting moment, for the micro HDMI cable I have but it’s in here somewhere …


Have you ever seen a mating ball of grass snake?!


… give me a freaking break!

It’s Friday.

Guess I’ll wash the dishes.


Saturday was blown going to a most-of-all-day pub crawl bucks for  a friend.

So Sunday …

Here it is Monday and I finally found that micro-HDMI cable … in a second mating ball of cables in yet another box.

Smacked Down by TTB!

Posted in Rant, RaspingBreathburryDOodlePi, The downside of Opensource on December 1, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

So, no way no how can I get the ttb version of the google calendar going on node-red.

Certainly I cannot get it to connect to my calendar, it just pings me with api errors of type 433.

The success with the PC version of node-red encouraged me to remove the ttb version of google calendar, off the ttb, to add the node-red version to the palette.

The problem that arose is that since the RaspingBreathBurryDOodlePi is “named” the local host callback on the google api account does not work.  Snipping in “thebox:xxxx” story does work either as the hmi widget prompts with an error that the url needs to be .com or .org before it is acceptable.

I am still vague as why the local:xxx callback does not work for the RaspingBreathBurryDOodlePi setup as local:xxxx should mean univer-silly  the *cough* machine the call was made from?  So, something about the named machine perhaps is blocking use of the callback.   Some other url trick is required but that is out of my scope of expertise at the mo.  Might have to do with the DHCP service running on the Pi?

That last story is likely why there is a ttb version of the google calendar ttb, but as usual they just assume it works for everyone and how no problem solving tips for what looks like is common problem.

Certainly I have google api setup properly as the PC gets the calendar events, and as the api is agnostic as to whether it is my PC or my inherited RBDPi.  There is no other guidance from ttb on common problems, especially where setting up the RBDPi running ttb and ttb google calendar.

I did rather find a job for my RBDPi that it should be able to cope with.  I have my 5 ODROID C1 cluster.  I am thinking the the RBDPi should serve the cluster as the DHCP/DNS server.  That is about all I think it can cope with as it is only an earlier version.