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Posted in Design rather than hacking, Development, Open Source can be professional, Software Framework on May 30, 2014 by asteriondaedalus

Elektor do for $150 what Quantum Leaps gives away!

Although it might be closer to ArduBlock? Although ArduBlock doesn’t cover ARM etc.

Killing time

Posted in Software Framework on April 18, 2014 by asteriondaedalus

So, I plugged in my recently acquired endoscopic camera to see what it might look like through the omni lens.  Of course, I didn’t expect it to work out too well because of the LED light which would flood the lens.

I installed VS2012 (doesn’t like my Windows 7 apparently but seems to run anyoldway).

So, poked around the examples from OpenFramework and found one that was a simple frame grabber.  I had to modify it to point at my camera (there is another pesky camera definition on my system which I think was an old clapped out USB camera I tried running that crashed the computer – looks like it didn’t install properly, as usual).

Anyway, the result is not earth shattering:



BUT this framework works on linux, windows and android so I can design and implement on my windows box before porting to either of android device or beaglebone.  Pretty neat.

First I will take the OSX example of bloggie unwrapping to work it towards a windows visual bumper.

Head of steam …

Posted in Hardware, Linux, Software, Software Framework on June 11, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

MOOS-IVP running!

MOOS-IVP running

This is running on my new (second hand) 64-bit LINUX box.

This is stage 1.

Stage 2 was to buzz out my Beaglebone development environment.  So far I have installed Eclipse and the ARM7 development environment onto the 64 bit LINUX box and built a small binary to dump onto the Beaglebone.  Unfortunately, I don’t appear to be able to configure the LINUX host to “see” the ttyUSBx ports (having tried two different approaches).  So, waiting on user group help (and you know how I feel about that).

In the meantime I guess I still have to sort what parts of MOOS-IVP I wan’t to run on the Beaglebone (no-visual apps generally) so I got the thing running my my LINUX host to get a feel for what can be parred back.  Might try setting up my 32 bit LINUX box to “pretend” to be the embedded environment to get the ball rolling while I sort out the cross-compilation environment.

The MOOS-IVP runs as a separate environment to the vehicle computer so I am paring it up with an AIO which will do all the motor control and the 10-DOF sensing etc.


The code for the AIO (from a port of AP2) is MAVLINK literate so I am thinking of bridging to AIO via Python (which comes with the Beaglebone).  There are various Pythonesque libraries I am toying with for application backbones including SPADE2, ZeroRPC (which is atop ZeroMQ), iPOPO OR even a combination of all three depending on needs.  Certainly, I am looking at ZeroRPC to act as a bridge out to the Synapse SNAP bits and bobs since the MESH of SNAP will replace the MAVLINK mesh aspects.

Maybe some pushing and some pulling

Posted in Android, Software Framework on February 7, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

ZeroC has a distributed computing framework that I came across recently.  Originally, I was experimenting with AllJoyn, since it came from QualComm – source of powerful graphics etc.  But, AllJoyn needs work to build distributed computing on top, though it does offer ad hoc, local comms.


ZeroC, yeah.  Ummm.  A bit fiddly to get running and there’s the recompile this and that.   Wen’t for ZeroRPC instead which supersets ZeroMQ.