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Now I have done it

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I need some discipline

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While poking around on the Net I found fuzzyclips (again). It is old so needed Borland C to compile. Luckily I had a linux gadget up and running. So with a little work to find buile dependencies I got it running on the C.H.I.P!

So yes, I have gone back to play with Jess and FuzzyJ.


Got fuzzyClips compiled on windoze!  Can’t get the IDE working but the console is fine.

Actually found a plugin for Atom anyway.

Sneaky nasty Windoze 10

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Watch out!  I have CHROME installed on Windoze 10. I have CHROME set as my default browser.  Occasionally webpages pop up and tell me my browser is out of date.  Thing is the webpages are telling me they are detecting IE and not CHROME.

Might be a problem with the web page yes?

But it is IEEE webpage telling me it sees IE on my machine and not CHROME which is what I am running to look a the IEEE web page.  What sneaky nasty game are MICROSOFT playing?

Small steps

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So, finished an online 8 week course I was interested in doing.  MOOC no less.  Not sure about them as my feeling was you don’t get much connectivity with teaching end and it would appear that MOOC are not hitting their target audiences.

I am going to do one on first order logic, for my stuff I play with at work (I am moving into formal languages).  Another will be on AI planning (for fun at home).  In any event, some time to kill so I wired up a breakout to mount an ESP8266 on a breadboard to try out nodemcu, and voila!

Hello world from nodemcu

Hello world from nodemcu

Now my wife wants a few things around the house, like burglar detection down the alleyway etc.  So I have a batch of IR detectors and the nodemcu can email detections no less.  The alternative is to SMS via a cheap GPRS module:



Now this was under $10 and the module is the size of a phone MicroSIM card.  TBD


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Even better, OpenHAB with MQTT addin, OpenSprinkler addin … there is no end to this madness.

Not to mention a python library for pumping Aus weather to MQTT.

Book not out of date, neither was software but do update software to version not called out in book

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What a long title.

I bought a book on Processing 2 for Android.

I downloaded Processing 2.

It had suffered a minor setback as they had, apparently, lifted out the Android mode – rendering the book worthless.

I pinged the publisher for money back.

They pinged me with response author said book is not out of date but I should download Processing 3.

To wit I replied with the following:

RE: Money back please Order #xxxxxxx

To: xxxxxxxx Support


So, book is based on Processing 2.  Processing 2 no longer downloads with Android Mode (which was the root cause of problem) but book is “not out of date”.  Even though current Processing 2 version does not work as detailed in book.
But downloading Processing 3, which will make Processing 2 out of date, will have Android mode but not make the book based on Processing 2 out of date.
Gotya.  When you put it like that it all makes sense.
Have you ever heard the notion that the simplest lies are the best ones?
It actually looks like a minor incremental of the Processing software removed the Android mode post book release.
Look, I work in Defense.  We often have to lock stuff in “time capsule” for up to a decade to provided support.
As much for yourselves as a “victim” here, how about a policy that, authors need to “freeze” any supporting software (within reason) as kindness to people buying their books.
Space on github, source forge etc. is there for the taking.
In the meantime I will try the pesky Processing 3 that isn’t the Processing 2 that will be out of date but wasn’t why the book was.  (Let me know if you think I have the hang of it 😉

And they’re OFF!!!!!

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This is a famous photograph. More or less invention of moving pictures that we all know and love. Look at it, scroll your mouse wheel up and down quickly, just a quarter of a turn to go back in history two turns of a century.

So, FINALLY got the call from the nephew.

Project has changed somewhat.

The original thought was a touch screen monitor based kiosk for students to pick up daily messages held in a csv file somewhere on the network.

The change was to use Android tablets (must grate as me nephew is a true blue Appleyte), and to parse data out of a html dump!

Parse data out of a html dump?

Turns out the skool system can turn out a webpage report (so I am a little dim as to why they need do much more that set up a browser looking at that webpage).  Anyway, my nephew is excited to be working with his uncle (and I needed an excuse to by four odroid-w, the wife you know).

So, his teacher pointed him at BeautifulSoup which is a python library for sucking data out of html files.

Beautiful is right.

Here is our first experiments (the whoopses excluded):


Basically if there are tables within the html the code can pick them out.  He had the idea himself of just reusing the html for the table in our file – brilliant.  So, only problem is other data is buried in nondescript <p> tags.

Will need to sleep on that.