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The horse has bolted

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Microsoft promises to be carbon negative by 2030. In an around the extinction of wild rhinos and elephants. Just short of the last glaciers disappearing. Not to mention the raft of predicted extinctions because of plastics in the ocean.

Qantas dog killers

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Go figure. The Qantas response to its killing a dog by leaving the dog for an hour on the tarmac in 40 degree Celsius heat was to ban the breed. If the owner had killed the dog that way, the owner would be charges by the police The ground staff involved need to be named. The staff who did not act need to be publically named. Sackngs are in order. Qantas personnel are amoral and unethical. Snub nosed breed owners should shame Qantas. Unite. Post “Shame Qantas shame”


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My dopey opiz server now fails 5 mins after startup. Nothing has been changed so likely just dodgey hardware. Going by discussion on the Net nanopi are as dodgey. Is there a decent quality offering in that form factor really.

The Phoenix arises

Posted in Uncategorized on December 8, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

I got shod of my old Linux laptop as the battery was dead and two keys had fell off. So I did rather buy me a new HP Spectre laptop. That new laptop is now my Windoze box so my old Windoze PC was surplus. I do have to say, I did rather have the shitzup with the PC as I have regretted moving from Windoze 7 to Windoze 10 on that system. Regretted because Microsoft did rather frack up the updates, as we all know.

That old PC did not happily or at all really update since it was moved to Windoz 10.

I am not sure how far behind that piece of crap Windoze was but I did fire it up to lift stuff off it this last weekend and Windoze complained it needed 8 gig of space to download an update and couldn’t find it. Odd since the machine has a 1.5Tbyte hard drive.

The machine was so slow. What with an extra special indexing widget that had to run for an hour on start up, that slowed the machine to a crawl, just so file searching would be super duper fast, because it was always a good idea to NOT index as you went. That plus other choke points meant that I did go and buy me a 2Tbyte USB drive (had to buy one with USB 2.0 of course for use with the ye olde hardware) since dragging the files I wanted to save, into Onedrive, was (as it turned out) not the quickest option.

So, I did not bother trying to save all the things I probably should have, as I was so spiritually raped by just how clagged up the machine was. It was, in effect, terminal.

In the end, I burnt a DVD with Debian Buster and installed that over the top of the Windoze so I would simply not have to deal with Windoze again on that machine.

Now, with Linux aboard, the machine starts in about a minute. Everything appears instant, compared to what it was.

I hear Windoze market share is decreasing.

Now I have done it

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I need some discipline

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While poking around on the Net I found fuzzyclips (again). It is old so needed Borland C to compile. Luckily I had a linux gadget up and running. So with a little work to find buile dependencies I got it running on the C.H.I.P!

So yes, I have gone back to play with Jess and FuzzyJ.


Got fuzzyClips compiled on windoze!  Can’t get the IDE working but the console is fine.

Actually found a plugin for Atom anyway.

Sneaky nasty Windoze 10

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Watch out!  I have CHROME installed on Windoze 10. I have CHROME set as my default browser.  Occasionally webpages pop up and tell me my browser is out of date.  Thing is the webpages are telling me they are detecting IE and not CHROME.

Might be a problem with the web page yes?

But it is IEEE webpage telling me it sees IE on my machine and not CHROME which is what I am running to look a the IEEE web page.  What sneaky nasty game are MICROSOFT playing?