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That was close (retraction)

Posted in Windoze10 on August 17, 2017 by asteriondaedalus

I went to start my PC yesterday to find the dopey thing had fallen into an auto-update.

I had turned off auto-update and refused to update my Windoze 10 because three times in a row the update froze.

I spoke the Windoze help desk, you know the ones in the balloon.

They hinted I had to deinstall my virus software – or at least disable it to allow the update to work.

I was planning to do just that, I just never got around to it.


So I sat there watching the dopey thing tick its status over.

Then it dawned on me it had gotten past the infamous 33% where it would get stuck – literally for days at a time – previously.

Happy to say the PC finally survived a Windoze update after 6 months of hiding from the process.

Not happy the machine fell into the update against my settings.


So. For whatever reason my machine updated despite my settings. Fine because it finally made it through. Except another update come through this morning. Yep. It hung my machine.

Nasty Useless Windows 10

Posted in Windoze10 on December 30, 2015 by asteriondaedalus

where is my pc

Why on earth does Windoze 10 Explorer need to scan my “This PC” for 15 or more minutes to find my drives and files.  Computer is dead useless with Windoze 10 with all the fracking problems.

Lost WiFi with last update.  Seems a pandemic according to my crawl of the Net.

Now the fix is to apparently update drivers.  Go figure, Acer is not updating drivers for my machine to work with Windoze 10.  Ralink (now MediaTek) driver installer is blocked by Windoze 10.

So the workaround was to use the wireless extender, that I connect my embedded development kits into, and an ethernet cable into back of my PC to bypass the need for the internal WiFi card.  Not optimum but otherwise how else do you fix it?

Especially the dearth of trustworthy help on the Net.

So many various fixes offered with trails of failure recorded.

Microsoft help offered was that I download a driver.  Very Dilbert-like of course, download a driver when one cannot connect to the Net.

Yes, various other routes to get around the lack of download but odd lack of critical thinking from goobers on the user groups.


where is my pc2

So now all of my system is “missing” from Explorer!

Something quite chronic is happening to this stupid Windoze 10 box.

It is so depressing this rubbish, the trawling on the Net, the pasty albino gimps waiting on the user groups to slobber over your helplessness.  And no one really with a reason for why this crap happens.  Except Microsoft trying to improve your user experience.

Can’t complain really, after all got me my Windoze 10 update for free.

Windoze 10 – Thank god for desktop icons and for taskbar

Posted in Windoze10 on September 1, 2015 by asteriondaedalus

Well, Windoze 10 is officially fracked up.

I went to install Altera Quartus II rev 15 and nope nothing, nix, nadda went into the so-called “All apps”.  So I am running it from a desktop icon.  That has dissuaded me from ripping out rev 11.1 and re-installing (I am still queasy about keeping what I have set up for my Cyclone II boards but I need rev 15 for the MAX 10 board I ordered).  I assumed I could clean up the half constructed rev 11.1 folders in the “Stop Menu” but nope, not going to play.

Looking forward to Windoze 11 (*** reaching for the razor blade ***).

Windoze 10, NO IDEA

Posted in Windoze10 on August 24, 2015 by asteriondaedalus

What on earth is this thing they call a “Start Menu“.  I am a software developer come system engineer come safety engineer and I have loaded my machine with, well, stuff.

I take a deep breath and install Windows 10 over my Windows 7 install.  How bad can it be right, they have to run all the older software or go out of business right AND I hear that they brought the start menu back.

Nope.  They lied, it is a “Stop Menu“.  I have rafts of applications that don’t turn up at all in the “Stop Menu“.  In some cases an entry might turn up and it will only have say a help file or even an uninstall program in the list under the menu – that is no application icon.

It isn’t even obvious that if I go to the trouble of pining applications to the start menu that they will turn up in the half built menus that already exist for the application.  If the “Stop Menu” cannot work out to put them in the list then how would it know to associate an application with a skeleton folder?  Or, if it can why the frack didn’t it put the application file in?

Makes me itch to want to write an Windoze 10 App call “The Other Start Menu”.

They aren’t real Apps in any event for crying out loud.  Why didn’t they just buy Google or Apple and real App based environments.  I am still running consoles and IDE etc. – when I can find the fracking things.

I even downloaded an Explorer App.  Doh! Has same dopey sense of HMI (Horribly Modelled Interface).

I mean look at this.


No IDEA in “All Apps”.  No Jetbrains either.  Nothing found in search.

I actually am playing with MPS and MBEDDR as well as IDEA so where the hell are they in the search if they aren’t in the “All Apps”?

I have so much stuff on my machine I forget where I put IDEA 😉 I must be powered by Windoze 10 LOL!

Any old how, I had a clutter of shortcuts on me desktop and … phew … there it was.

So, Windoze 10 cannot find an application in the Windoze “Program Files (x86)” folder.  Now I would forgive it … not really … if I had it in one of my D: or E: drive hidy holes but it is in a default Windoze application install folder and Windoze cannot find it!

WAIT A FRACKEN GODDAM MINUTE!!!  Have a look at this!


IDEA IS IN THE FRACKEN REGISTRY AND WINDOZE 10 “Stop Menu” search cannot find it!!!

As far as WINDOZE 10 is concerned, it has NO IDEA!  Apt if not App … DIG IT!?


Have a FRACKEN look at this!!!


NO IDEA in “Stop Menu

NO IDEA in “Search the web and Windoze – except for the bits we don’t search

I tried dragging from folder and NO to IDEA for dropping into either start menu or apps.


I tried skipping down to the folder were the exe is sitting. Sure enough right click and it has the option of “Pin to Start”.

Except, 5 attempts and it doesn’t work!  Nothing turns up in “Stop Menu” as often as I hit the “Pin to Stop” menu item.  There is even as 64bit exe in the bin folder.  That did not get put in list either.

Why is Windoze 10 anti-exe?

Isn’t this the same people who wrote the BING search engine?  Is there really a “Dark Web” or is it just Microsoft can’t write search algorithms?