Stage 1

With Telstra down over Christmas I decided it time I start assembling the rock crawler I am going to build up into an outdoor autonomous rover.

I bought the final bits and pieces, a 6oT brushed motor and ESC, two servos to give front and rear steering modes, etc. so everything is actually on hand for the build.

I got to step 5 and then it feel apart on step 6.  The mounting of the motor mount plate failed as the VEN-8317 (so called) screws wouldn’t bite – the holes in the gearbox for them slightly too small.  So one screw jammed and the 1.5mm hex key stripped the hex hole in the head.

One hour into build and I have to order new screws off the internet.

This more or less firms up my option to buy the auto-diff-lock kit for it.  I will also buy up a swag of spare screws.