Prusa i3 Mk3 Bear Build

So, my Flashforge Finder is a treat, especially with the Micro Swiss full metal end. However, as I found out early in the piece, the print volume of the Finder doesn’t allow me to print many of the real projects I want to build.

So, I looked around and since Prusa 3D printers have the reputation that they do I decided to build a Prusa i3 Mk3, but as a Bear.

In fact, I bought the larger Bear frame to get an even larger volume.

At the moment the FInder is churning on the x-axis elements. I am reprinting the extruder base at the moment, because of some minor shrinkage in the first print. I did also appear to get a clogging of the Micro Swiss. That pushed me out to some additional information and that helped me retune my print so I am getting better results.

I note that there is an alternate x-axis kit for the Bear (found of course after printing the Prusa parts). I may still go with the original Prusa x-axis, since I can always upgrade later.

The two main projects, once the Prusa Bear is up, are a couple of robotic arms, an OpenPnP, a Dremel x/y CNC, either or both a Dobsonian and Newtonian telescope. I can squeeze a ribbed Newtonian telescope onto the Finder to get me started in the meantime.

Go to github for a great site for building your bear.