Setting up ModelSim with Quartus II … how hard can it be?

Starting with the “Getting Started with Quartus II Simulation Using the ModelSim-Altera Software” get straight into trouble.

You need a “” file that is, you guessed it, not in the distro.

Various “” files appear an Altera site and, of course, there are about 1 billion trillion of them on the interwebby thing all up.

Seems the one needed has a “counter.qpf” inside of it … have you seen it?  Hmmm?

So I went back to Altera and downloaded a raft of docco for 10.1.

I don’t know … I don’t get the feeling you get the same bang for buck this way Xilinx as you do for Altera.

In any event, I feel another laboratory report coming on.



4 Responses to “Setting up ModelSim with Quartus II … how hard can it be?”

  1. I have the same problem. Did you find counter.qpf, and if so, where?

    • Yeah. I just used the file at:

      It is a verilog file only. Just create a project called counter with a top level component called counter. Suck this file in. Make it the top element to be sure to be sure. It has an enable input so either set the enable high in the simulator OR create a project etc. and type in:
      module counter

      input clk;
      input reset;
      output [7:0] result;

      reg [7:0] result;

      always @(posedge clk or posedge reset)
      if (reset)
      result = 0;
      else result = result + 1;

  2. Thanks, that’s great. I’ll have a go at that.

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