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Maybe some pushing and some pulling

Posted in Android, Software Framework on February 7, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

ZeroC has a distributed computing framework that I came across recently.  Originally, I was experimenting with AllJoyn, since it came from QualComm – source of powerful graphics etc.  But, AllJoyn needs work to build distributed computing on top, though it does offer ad hoc, local comms.


ZeroC, yeah.  Ummm.  A bit fiddly to get running and there’s the recompile this and that.   Wen’t for ZeroRPC instead which supersets ZeroMQ.

Further Trends

Posted in Hardware on February 2, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

BeagleBoard begates PandaBoard.  Raspberry Pi verus BeagleBone.   And now, finally Cubiboard or ODROID-U2.

The prices are dropping and the prospect of a Beowulf cluster in a shoe box looms.  Perhaps for a Beobot 3?