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VHDL Tutorial: Learn by Example



Free Range Factory

Altera Boards

Here are some books I have obtained and you can too.  These are either Cyclone II friendly or agnostic – meaning that they are theory based at language or FPGA design level not chip-centric.   There are plenty of books around.  I have deliberately overstocked because no two authors will say things the same way and on any day one will make more sense than another.

The Cyclone II books come with code examples.

  • Design Through Verilog; IEEE Press, Wiley-Interscience; Padmanabhan, Tripura Sundari; ISBN 0-471-44148-1; Agnostic; Must get
  • Verilog HDL: A guide to Digital Design and Synthesis; SunSoft Press; Palnitkar; ISBN 0-13-044911-3; Agnostic; Must get
  • Digital McLogic Design; http://www.freerangefactory.org; Mealy, Mealy; Agnostic
  • HDL Chip Design; Doone Publications; Smith; ISBN 0-9651934-3-8; Cyclone II friendly; Must get
  • EMBEDDED SOPC DESIGN WITH NIOS II PROCESSOR AND VHDL EXAMPLES; WILEY; Chu; ISBN 978-1-118-00888-1; Cyclone II friendly; Must get
  • Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems; Springer; Hall, Furman; ISBN 978-0-387-72670-0; Cyclone II friendly; Must get
  • The Design Warrier Guide to FPGA; ELSEVIER; Maxfield; ISBN 0-7506-7604-3; Agnostic
  • 100 Power Tips for FPGA designers; STAVINOV; Agnostic; Must get

And don’t forget to log into Altera and do ALL of the free training.

Note the ALTERA boards I have are:

The MAX II CPLD board I bought is here.

The smaller Cyclone II FPGA board is here.

The larger Cyclone II FPGA board is  here.

 These, again, require Quartus II 10.1sp1 as later versions don’t seem to support the older chips.

All your 11.1 docco is here.

Xilinx Board

The Mojo board has its resources here.


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