Day 2


The problem with be build turned out to be me being cheap.  The problem, Alan keys are crap as the screws need work to fit the tight plastic holes.  It is no trouble to strip the head of the 1.5mm screws with an Alan key.

The four blue anodized key key drivers replace the cheap Alan keys I was using for 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm.  The gold 0.05″ hex driver was what turned me off buying drivers as it cost me $25.  The blue hex drivers cost $27 for the set so that was 4 for 1 deal!

PS, that tray setup is brilliant.  All the sections come apart (you can actually add trays together to get a bigger expanse).  Each door is spring loaded and pops open by a catch.  Only a couple of dollars and holds those pesky loose bits that you will always lose.

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