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Shame QANTAS shame

Posted in Rant on April 14, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

Like some evolutionary story about psychopaths getting a taste for killing pets, QANTAS appear to have stepped up their efforts to eradicate unwanted staff. That’ll teach those pesky unions.

Wanna bet the explanation is that the staff were snub nosed. We’ll QANTAS certainly did snub their nose at staff and community safety.

So, does QANTAS deserve a government safety net? If anyone in the street coughed on someone is that not a fine and especially a jail term if they were infected? Did infected QANTAS not just cough on the Australian public?

WHO are we kidding

Posted in Rant on April 11, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

Ocean’s collapsing this decade.

China’s primitive beliefs about exotic animals and medicine striking back at the world.

And all we get back is one animal from the brink of extinction if we stop Chinese wet markets.

Dogs, it seems, will now be “pets“. But, will that change beliefs? Indeed, what will happen to the dogs that are not adopted as pets? On last round of dim sum? Let’s be real. For how many thousands of years has this practice been ingrained not merely in the Chinese culture but in the identity of the Chinese people? There will be black wet, or if you like wet black, markets on the other side of this.

Not forgetting dogs and cats are not the “exotics” that are really the problem source. We may never know since the Chinese government appears hell bent on continuing the cover-up.

And the one exotic creature that we can apparently all eat, which is proliferating due to pollution, warming seas and over fishing, is also the one China introduced as an entree at your local Chinese restaurant. Irony.

Again our fault, but apparently you can turn jelly fish into ethanol alcohol! So we can make hand wash to help in COVID 19 using that one exotic animal its okay for Chinese to eat! Except we actually need ethyl alcohol. DOH! Wait, that’s same thing! Winner! Winner! Chinese Dinner! Irony.

In any event, like that jeep add, we might need a bigger boat, of course being a meme originating from Jaws.

Now only if we could convince Donald Trump that jellyfish are a treatment for malaria. Irony.

WHO cut funding?

Posted in Rant on April 8, 2020 by asteriondaedalus


Oh who you and you and you … and the evidence keeps coming.


Posted in Rant on April 3, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

Don’t say SARS.

Don’t challenge the leaders poor response.

No really, don’t challenge the leaders on their poor response.


Posted in Rant on March 29, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

China must give up on international debts owed to it and its citizens to reduce the impact of Covid19 on the global economy and because of the fraud the Chinese government have executed.

Keep your free masks. Though, would it not be ironic if the trillions of USD and the billions of AUD (most of trillions) are funded by China. Makes you think right. Where is the bail-out money actually coming from.

And it looks like that is in play.

Name calling

Posted in Rant on March 28, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

So a Narci-Terrorist or a Narco-Terrorist, which one is worst?

The trick it seems is not to act but not to act.

I see red, I see red, I see red!

Posted in Rant on February 26, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

I bought two stainless steel digital calipers from Aliexpress. I especially got a 200mm one for special cases, like assembling my Prussa I3 Bear printer.

Problem was the website and the manual both claimed the battery for the calipers was the CR2032. Oddly enough, CR2032 were twice as wide and half as thin as the battery slot appeared to require.

Vendor was no help.

A little digging and it turned out LR44 (A76 et al) was the actual battery required.

The horse has bolted

Posted in Rant on January 18, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

Microsoft promises to be carbon negative by 2030. In an around the extinction of wild rhinos and elephants. Just short of the last glaciers disappearing. Not to mention the raft of predicted extinctions because of plastics in the ocean.

Qantas dog killers

Posted in Rant on January 18, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

Go figure. The Qantas response to its killing a dog by leaving the dog for an hour on the tarmac in 40 degree Celsius heat was to ban the breed. If the owner had killed the dog that way, the owner would be charges by the police The ground staff involved need to be named. The staff who did not act need to be publically named. Sackngs are in order. Qantas personnel are amoral and unethical. Snub nosed breed owners should shame Qantas. Unite. Post “Shame Qantas shame”

Google smoogle

Posted in Rant on January 7, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

Google “warns” us that having your hands smacked for breaching IP and copyright laws will somehow “upend” software development!


The premise is that, given opensource evolved out of the criminality of software piracy, succeeding simple due to the weight of infringement overwhelming the legal system’s capacity to respond, then somehow Google can use the “software is art” mantra to steal licenced IP. Oh, masquerading as loss of “openness”?


If openness was so precious, why steal IP in the first place, simply to jeopardise the outcome?

OF note also, the turn around in so-called opensource community, where people are advocating “monetization” of their efforts, failing to remember that they are likely the same people that engaged in software piracy and therefore raping the software developer’s of that era of their “monetization” efforts of their work.


So, since licences are still pertinent. Since “monetization” is back in. Pay up Google you wankers. Grow some ethical standards you prats. Give up on your “monetization” efforts if you are so philanthropic.

Google, you are transparent.

Look inward at the treatment of your employees. That would require “openness”.