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Everything old is new again…

Posted in Doodling on July 28, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

I just downloaded a free book from O’Rielly press: Free ebook: Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming.

Sad really.

Consider my first programming language (gag I’m 57 in a couple of weeks so let’s be gentle and say 30 years ago) was LISP.

I did like LISP.

So much I build a LISP interpreter in FORTH.

I did like FORTH.

So, why the hard sell on functional languages?

To me, they were always gold.

OO is a funny thing.  Functional thinking, so called, is an Anti-Pattern.  Of course, that’s only true when constructing programs in OO.  However, OO always did too good a job at obfuscating the functionality – to its detriment.  Go figure, the JVM was eventually fitted with journalling to ostensibly provide a functional look at what was going on in your application, that is people felt it necessary to provide a tool to reverse engineer the running application – scary.


History eh?!

I was speaking to a younger (like me ex) software engineer.  I would mention things like the “Software Crisis” – he would have a blank look on his face.


Another blank look.

Smalltalk, remember wasn’t going to catch on because it is byte code interpreted on a virtual machine.

Up the horsepower and viola!  Java byte coded virtual machine a winner! For a while, as it made never get over J2EE.

So, Erland and Elixir are gold I tell you.  Best of both worlds.  Running on a virtual machine and functional.

That’s it.

That’s my rant over.



How boring!

Posted in Doodling on July 23, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

My 5 C.H.I.P. have turned up.  I got a HDMI board as I will be for working Elixir port but the other 4 are destined for piping Airplay around the house.  I will need get four more later for shed, gazebo, pool area and Madam’s bathroom.

There is already a Airplay client install for the C.H.I.P. so a slow poke through first one to work out the process and then the other three will be a snap.

Just need to mull over speakers.


Posted in Doodling on April 16, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

Kennedy Space centre. Booked that sucker for Sunday. Today it’s air boats in the swamps around Orlando. Yes. That pesky conference that has taken up so much of my time is happening and so a few touresty things seem like the right thing to do.

It never rains …

Posted in Doodling on March 3, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

… it is pouring conference papers.

I have just had two more papers accepted at another conference so hobby things back on hold.

Still might do some more work on crawler this weekend while watching a movie.

Yeah I know…

Posted in Doodling on February 16, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

… but be fair.

My Uncle died.  My Mother in Law had a stroke the night before my wife was to fly out with me to my Uncle’s funeral.  My dogs ate some of the irrigation pipes.  And, I am in a fluster trying to get a paper out for a conference in the US.

I am, I promise, I will get back to dabbling.


Oh and all true.  When death confronts you, the things in life take on new meaning.


Now that’s a hobby space!

Posted in Doodling on January 5, 2016 by asteriondaedalus


Of course it’s a new desk and storage unit.

And yes still setting it up but got waylaid by building a camera gimble that I bought.

Nope, not for that tired ARDrone which is more or less kaput.  Building a new quad from bits!  More fun that way.


Posted in Doodling on January 2, 2016 by asteriondaedalus

Thank GOD! I bought a serial cable for the ODROID-W baseboard.

I was trying to setup a WiFi static address and must have blown the edit so I couldn’t get into my ODROID-W as I had lost both eth0 and wlan0.

Not to mention that I ran a apt-get upgrade which wipe my LCD setup – so I couldn’t even get in with USB mouse/keyboard.

All good, reset everything and up a running again – though I have to go back to drawing board to set the static IP up.  Likely should not be tippling on rum and scotch whilst telneting – yes I think that is a good rule.

The problem was that the DNS is updating my ODROID-W IP address and I loose connection in the middle of things like, say, installing node-red.

I also gave up on installing the emqttd after I found that the apt-get upgrade lifted my erlang install from 17 to 18.  The emqttd install notes warn that one must use 17 because of a memory leak problem in 18.

So, I installed mosquito to provide the mqtt server requirements from my house.  I guess I am building a thingyboxythingy then but with a much smaller footprint.

I may look at downgrading the erlang at least to allow for an emqttd install.  Still, the IoT aspects of the house won’t (or shouldn’t) know the difference.

Happy New Year by the way.