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Oh the pain

Posted in Docker, Home Assistant, HypriotOS on January 12, 2020 by asteriondaedalus

Trying to get Clicksend integrated with Home Assistant appeared to be easier, once you find all the goss, but its finding the goss.

The clicksend config is at Home Assistant site. Straight forward enough.

To set up an action the trick turned out to be use a “Call Service” with:

alias: ''
message: Zone 1 turned on
service: notify.clicksend

Now the hint was at the Clicksend integration page for Home Assistant. That it, it was a service call.

That pieced together something for me that didn’t stand out from the mess of help at Home Assistant. That is:

   - platform: clicksend
     name: ClickSend
     api_key: CLICKSEND_API_KEY
     recipient: PHONE_NO 

Leads to a service call, in the actions and likely scripts, of:


Makes eminent sense.